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Our Passion has always been to create eye-catching signage that works hard for our clients. Jesse (owner operator), has over 27 years experience in ALL aspects of the sign and commercial art industry. Each of our clients receive individual, personalised attention. We know you want your signs to be an asset to your business and we feel you deserve an identity that you will be proud to stand behind.
Get signs that really work for you ... REAL Signs!

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Simply put, we do ALL SIGNS! Our product range is based on our own thorough time-testing. We can give you advice on what works. From LED and CNC to paint brush and digital print, we use only quality sign making materials, processes and equipment. We offer trade qualified signwriting, painting, and decorating - all skills for a complete professional business image. We also offer our services to the Corporate Image market, ranging from complete manufacture to just install only.

3 Products

Our main line of work is signage, which includes:
•Business, Office and Shop Fronts •Lightboxes, Flex-Faces and Fabricated Letters •Highway Billboards and Road Signs •Vehicle Wraps and Graphics •Banners, A-Frame, and Magnetic Signs •Real Estate, Promo and Safety Signs
But did you know we also do:
•Flags and Marquees •Stickers and Labels •Photo Boards and Canvas Prints •Digital Print Wall Murals •Business Cards and Fridge Magnets


"Nice to deal with. Polite and very helpful will use again." - T.F.
"Just wanted to let you know sign was a hit and is displayed proudly on the new shed." - M.W.
"Thank you for the great work on all the signage you have provided over the last week. We are really happy with it all ... it looks fantastic." - A.H.
"Thanks heaps for my signs - so many people commenting on how lovely and 'on brand' they look!" - J.E.
"High quality signs, Real Signs is very experienced and helpful." - T.R.
"Thanks for the outstanding service. If you let us know what regions you work in we will definitely keep you in mind for our future install work." - N.W.

Frequently asked questions

CLICK HERE for instructions you can print or save. (0.8MB PDF file)

Almost all vehicle graphics are made from Pressure Sensitive Films. You could "blow-off" your signage at the car wash! Some simple precautions you can take:
• Allow 7 days from installation for the graphic's adhesive to "set"
• Wash the vehicle regularly
• Keep any high pressure nozzle tips at least 60cm (2ft) away from the graphics
• Keep the angle of water spray at almost 90° to the surface and away from the graphic's edges
• Rinse off soap and wax with clean water at completion
• Allow at least 3 weeks before using a basic non-abrasive car wax (we like the old "Turtle Wax")
• Don't try to BLAST or scrub stubborn marks off - use Metho on a rag
Do these simple steps every time and you will prolong the life of your vehicle's graphics

YES they are!

When you think of marketing for your business it can be hard to know what works. We all want a return on our investment.

TV and radio ads only last about 30 seconds. Newspaper ads last one day. Fliers may get put on the fridge for a month. Websites and phone directories have ongoing yearly fees. But, signs outside of your business or signs on your vehicle will be seen for many years.

Our minimum standard sign materials will last at least 5 years. Let's say you spend $500 on signage lasting 5 years - this will cost you 27¢ per day.

Your new sign will earn you more money than it ever earnt us!

YES - you can!

We accept most popular graphic file formats. Our preferred file formats are:

•PDF •EPS •TIF - followed by •AI •CDR •JPG •GIF

Please ensure all fonts have been embedded / outlined / converted to curves.

All images should be flattened to one layer. Invisible layers should be deleted. It is advisable to save PDF files as version 1.3. All printing is in CMYK. Pantone, Spot and RGB colours will be converted to CMYK and may not print as intended. Refer to your Pantone CMYK Colour Bridge Swatch. For a rich Deep Black use the colour: C50/M25/Y25/K100.

Most artwork should be created to actual scale (1:1 scale). Any scaling of the artwork should be clearly stated in your communication with us. We require raster images (photos and bitmaps) to be 150dpi at final output size. Resolutions less than this can still be used but will appear pixelated. We recommend artwork less than 900x600mm (about A1 size) needs a resolution of at least 250dpi.

Our large format CMYK printer has a maximum print size of 1300mm. Most sign materials require a bleed of 20mm on all 4 sides of each panel including sheet joins. Banners require a bleed of 50mm on all 4 sides for sewing or welding of the PVC substrate.

Photos for artwork should be supplied at their original resolution (if possible). Most email software will allow attachments up to 4Mb. Depending on your system, this may mean sending each photo attached to an individual email message. If you have online/cloud storage (ie. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) just send us a link to the file.

Please feel free to contact us for more information as we will not be able to process your artwork if the files are provided incorrectly. Additional charges may apply to artwork we need to fix. If you are worried about the final colours, please contact us to purchase a sample proof.

CLICK HERE to see detailed instructions you can print or save. (2.31MB PDF file)

Decal Installation

Applying your vinyl is a simple process if the correct method is used. Your graphic will arrive ready to install. You can purchase a professional squeegee from us which will resulting in a smoother installation. Most applications are a two person job especially when a graphic is larger. We would recommend you get us (or a professional installer) to install anything bigger than 900x600mm (poster size).

Tools Needed:

•Isopropyl Cleaner (non-ammonia based) •Paper Towels •Masking tape •Level / Tape Measure •Squeegee (an old credit card may work, but not recommended) •Craft (or "Stanley") knife and or Scissors

Cleaning Procedures:

Clean area first with dishwashing detergent (we use "Morning Fresh") and water. Make sure there is no residue or water remaining on surface before moving on to the next step. Spray area with isopropyl cleaning solution and wipe it down with a clean, lint-free towel or cloth. Denatured alcohol can be used, and does a better job at removing contaminates and debris from the surface, but is more aggressive than Isopropyl alcohol. Please test a small inconspicuous area first before using denatured alcohol. For most interior wall and car applications, isopropyl alcohol will work just fine.

Temperature Recommendations:

Oracal and 3M recommend the optimal surface temperature of the installation area should be between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius. Colder surfaces may be heated up with a hair dryer or heat gun to reach optimal temperatures.

Application Procedures:

Applying the vinyl will require a choice between two basic techniques, the DRY or WET method.


Most vinyls we supply have solvent-based adhesives. But the dry application method MUST be used for interior wall art graphics, which have water-based adhesive. Dry application allows little room for error. Once the vinyl touches the cleaned surface it is being applied to, or onto itself, it is extremely difficult to remove the vinyl without some type of damage to the vinyl decal. This method should be done with two people.


Utilizing the Wet application method has the benefits of allowing the decal to be repositioned for several minutes once applied to the surface. The wet method does have a longer installation time, as the transfer tape should be left on for at least 15 minutes before removal, allowing the vinyl to properly adhere to the applied surface. WET METHOD SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR INTERIOR WALL APPLICATIONS! This technique works well for vehicle graphics or any other exterior applications using solvent-based adhesives. Water will not interfere with the vinyl’s adhesion to the applied surface.

Step 1 - After removing backing paper and exposing vinyl's adhesive, lightly spray back of vinyl AND application surface. Ideal mixture is 2-4 drops of dishwashing detergent (plain "Morning Fresh" is good) in a standard 750mL spray bottle filled with water.

Step 2 - Apply the decal to the wet application surface and slide / reposition the decal into the desired location.

Step 3 - Squeegee out any water and air bubbles. It is important that ALL of the water is removed from underneath the graphic to create the desired bond to the application surface.

Step 4 - Wait at least 15 minutes (30-60 minutes on glass) after the vinyl is squeegeed to allow for a good bond, then remove application tape from the graphic. Wipe off any excess water with soft, lint free cloth.

Feel free to Contact Us regarding any specific questions you may have with the installation processes described above.

YES, we can install only.

You may have been send signs from your head office that need installing or you may belong to a corporate image department requiring a local sign supplier/installer. We can help with this process. We have a trade qualified Signwriter and trade qualified Painter. We can arrange local council permits and local EWP or crane hire. We have $20M public liability insurance, OHS construction induction cards (Blue/White Card) and are prepared to abide by your OHS proceedures and those required by law.

Please contact us regarding your install enquiry.

There are a lot of boring signs out there! That's good news for you. For just a little extra planning and fore thought you can have a well-designed sign that stands out.

Keep copy to a minimum. Research shows that nothing hurts the effectiveness of a sign like saying too much on it. Those enormous roadside billboards typically have messages of 8 words or less—because research shows that viewers start “tuning them out” if there's more to read than that. Limit the message to essentials for best results.

Questions to ask yourself:

• Who is your primary target audience? Male/Female, Young/Old, Individual/Corporate

• What is the message to be conveyed? Marketing, Brand Awareness, Safety

• Do you have any ideas you would like us to use? Colour, Photos, Existing Marketing

• What is the budget and the required service life of the sign? 5yrs is a good benchmark.

A sign can be made to fit almost any budget. We make signs for $50 and we make signs for $5000 or more. Materials, techniques and the time involved determine the cost of the finished sign. Knowing your budget helps us tailor your sign to what you can afford. We willl respect your budget and give you as much value as possible for that budget. That's how we keep our customers coming back and that's what keeps them referring colleagues to us.

We often get questions about the readability of letters from a distance. Obviously, letter style, weight and colour play a big part in readability but here are some maximum distances you can use as a guide...

LETTER SIZE (visibility table):

• 25mm – up to 12metres

• 40mm – up to 18metres

• 50mm – up to 20metres

• 75mm – up to 31metres

• 100mm – up to 45metres

• 150mm – up to 90metres

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